In Defense of the Skinny Humblebrag

This lovely lady is right on target with her blog post! A woman after my own heart!! You go, girl!

dara t. mathis

I’m putting my thick skin on for this one.

I recently realized I am guilty of the skinny humblebrag. It’s despicable, I know. (If you don’t know what a humblebrag is, look here or here, and there’s even a book!) For you snarky types, this post can also be summarized as “waah, waah, waah, boo hoo hoo.”

Here’s what happened. The other day, I posted this on my Facebook page:

Never been a fan, but I won’t even lie: The Black Eyed Peas make perfect workout music.i bounce ALLADIS weight off me! LOL ‪#‎cardio‬

My friends and family posted “What weight?!” and protested that they had more weight than I did, or that I had no weight struggle to speak of (the latter was in response to my joke, “YOU DON’T KNOW MY STRUGGLE!”). I love them; it was all in good fun. 

I have been small my entire…

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